I believe that our country is only as strong as its commitment to its youth. I wish to promote the understanding that our nation’s youth is our greatest asset and legacy for our future. My faith in these beliefs led me to create the Albert J. Speh, Jr. and Claire R. Speh Foundation.

Through this foundation, I wish to create partnerships with individuals and institutions who share the vision that the moral and intellectual development of our youth is our prime responsibility – a responsibility that will become a measure of our country’s greatness. It is also my intent that this foundation will continue to foster a spirit of service amongst this organization’s members now and in the future.

Moving forward, it is my desire that we remain committed to these guiding principals. The assets I’ve endowed to this foundation shall be used to support organizations that demonstrate a moral, ethical, and intellectual structure for the care of the youth in their charge.

I believe that our country is only as strong as its commitment to its youth.

– Albert J. Speh


A Native of Chicago, Albert J. Speh Jr. co-founded May & Speh Inc. in 1947. For fifty years the company served as one of the country’s leading providers of integrated data marketing solutions. Under the leadership of son Larry Speh, May & Speh adopted a growth plan that focused on transforming data into knowledge for clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to mid-sized businesses. Following the company’s successful IPO in early 1996, May & Speh continued to grow reaching an enterprise value exceeding $1 billion by early 2001.

Committed to a spirit of giving back, and a desire to help the children of Chicago, Al and his wife Claire founded the Albert J. Speh, Jr. & Claire R. Speh Foundation in 1996. The Speh Foundation is a private grantmaking foundation headquartered just outside of Chicago. Today, the foundation is comprised of all four generations of the Speh family.

From 1996 – 2002, the Speh Foundation funded programs for children of all ages. In 2003, we narrowed our focus to youth between the ages of 13 – 19. The foundation recently developed a five year plan that focuses on allocating greater resources to organizations dedicated to promoting innovative and tested education models