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Currently, The Speh Family Foundation does not accept unsolicited grant proposals. Therefore, an organization interested in applying for a grant, needs first to send a brief letter of inquiry. The letter should succinctly describe the organization and the proposed project, indicate and briefly explain its relevance to a particular Speh Family Foundation funding area and initiative, and provide an estimate of the funds that would be requested.

Previous Recipients:

If you have received a grant from us in the past, you can also email the Executive Director to ensure that your work and specific project are still a fit. Plan on reaching out to us several weeks before the LOI deadline to schedule the consultation. We want to help you!

Complete and submit an LOI online. Online portal for applicants.

Note: While filling out an application, you can save it as a draft at anytime and return to it later. Once submitted, the application cannot be edited without contacting us.


All LOIs must be submitted online and by our deadline.

LOI submission will be accepted July 1st 2024 through July 30th 2024

LOI Received

When you submit your LOI, we will review it to confirm all the required information has been completed. If any additional information is needed, we will contact you.

LOI Decision

LOIs will be reviewed by the Board and we will inform you if you have been selected to move forward with a full proposal.

Full proposals will be accepted from August 15th 2024 to September 15th 2024

Proposal Review

Proposals are reviewed at board of directors meetings. We may contact you prior to the meeting to obtain specific information deemed necessary to make an informed decision.


Most applications are decided upon during the board meeting where they are initially reviewed. In some cases, more information is needed to make a decision. Either way, you can expect a response to your application within eight weeks of the submittal due date. We respond to each application regardless of the decision.

If Approved

Read your decision letter. You will receive a decision letter by email. The contents of the letter will provide specifics on what you were approved for (may differ from the request), how much you were approved for, and follow-up requirements.

Keep us updated on the project. If your project isn’t going to plan or if great things are happening, reach out! We enjoy staying connected.

Note: All approved requests must reapply each year for funding. We do not automatically renew grants.

Complete applications submitted by the March 15 deadline will be reviewed and decided upon by June 30.
Complete applications submitted by the July 15 deadline will be reviewed and decided upon by October 30.